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Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
11:49 am
Dragon Ball Z shotacon information wanted!
Can anyone help add information about DBZ shotacon to the Shotacon article on Fan History? It would also be great to see that information on the Dragon Ball Z article. Thank you.
Friday, August 3rd, 2007
1:39 pm
New member
Hello, I just joined and wanted to say hi.


I like FriezaxVegeta, VegetaxTrunks and VegetaxGohan, with the submissive partners being either chibi or adult. Anyone else like those pairings?
Monday, December 4th, 2006
9:05 pm

I know I havent really been on in a while. I havent had time for much of anything at my school with all of the papers, and tests, and final exams and ...blah, it hurts my brain just thinking about it...

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone was still interested in Yaoi RPG. I RP Ukes and Semes from Original(canon) shows like DBZ (Goku,Gohan,Goten,Trunks,Vegeta,Bardock,etc.) to original/made up characters.

I can be uke(bottom/submissive)/seme(top/dominant) (though mainly uke.)

I RP lots of canon RP from DBZ, to Naruto, as well as video games like Final Fantasy (mostly 7,8,X,X-2,XII,XIII), to Resident Evil.

So if anyone's interested, my AIM is VTarnishedAngelV. Drop me a line whenever I'm on.

Lots of love,
Saturday, April 1st, 2006
11:35 am

I'm sorry for not having been on in so long. I had been very busy at my school with all my papers and bibliograpies and the hundreds of pages I had to read in between every two days or so, that I had no time to get on here.

But I'm back now and I'm still on the hunt for DBZ yaoi RPers. Anyone who RPs DBZ ,or Inu Yasha or any kind of Yaoi RP, that is mature, and can also RP originals , not just fandoms, please message me.

AIM: VTarnishedAngelV
MSN: TornPaperAlchemist@hotmail.com

So please ,if you want to RP, just message me over one of those. Thanks.
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
1:51 pm
Yaoi Role Play
Hello people. I have created a community for Dragonball Yaoi Role Play. I don't know if this is against the rules since it deals with yaoi, yaoicest and shota RP,so it deals with all of the criteria of this group. I hope I don't get banned for sending this, I like this group, a lot.
The community I created is "Androids Love Monkeys" its about Dragonball/z/GT yaoi. It will be held in AIM, MSN or Yahoo Messenger.
I hope I get a lot of request forms for people to join my group. I would like nothing more than a group of good RPers to play with.

The group is mature, the ratings will go from G to NC-17, so the members must be at least of 16 years of age and up and very mature. They must be able to handle the image of two men sleeping together, even if those men are Gohan X Goku.
No Flamers, No Bashers and no Homophobes. If you join this group to bash it, I will eject you so fast, you're head will spin and you'll think you're Margaret Thatcher.

So please, join,RP and have fun.

Current Mood: bouncy
Monday, October 24th, 2005
1:00 pm
Searching for a dominant RP partner for DBZ RP SLs
Hello. I hope you all got my bio earlier with what I am looking for in DBZ RP but if not I will give it to you again. But first, I will say that I am searching for a mature, dominant yaoi RPer for DBZ RP that may include saiyajincest, Shota amongst other things.

I role play: Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Goku, Vegeta, Burori(Brolli)(Uke only to Vegeta,Piccolo,and Super Buu) and Yamcha, Bardock(Uke to Vegeta,Goku and Radditz), Radditz(uke only to Vegeta and Bardock)
I am in search of a : Future Gohan, Future Trunks, Son Goku, Brolli, Vegeta, Piccolo, Super and Kid Buu, Tien, Turles, Nappa, Reccoome, and many other people.
I am interested in these pairings:
Goku x Vegeta, Goku x Piccolo, Goku x Super/Kid Buu, Goku x Brolli, Goku x Turles, Goku x Nappa, Goku x Recoome
Gohan x Vegeta, Gohan x Piccolo, Gohan x Super/Kid Buu, Gohan x Brolli, etc etc.

I also wish to have Goku x (Future/Teen/Preteen/Chibi)Gohan, Gohan x (Chibi/Teen)Goten, Goku x (Chibi/Teen)Goten, Vegeta x Trunks(Future/Teen/Chibi), Chibi Goku x Bardock, Chibi Goku x Radditz, etc etc.

If you wish to RP with me, any of the before mentioned couples or if you can think of any you would like to do,please contact me.

AIM: VTarnishedAngelV
Yahoo: PaperAlchemistTerri
MSN: TornPaperAlchemist@Hotmail.com
E-Mail: PaperAlchemistTerri@Yahoo.com
Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
2:42 pm
Role Play
Name: Felix
Age: 19
Gen: Male

Theme: Anime; Video Game; Original
Genre: Yaoi, Shota, Yaoicest (Will do anything, has few limits )
Ratings: R to NC-17.
Fandoms: All kinds as long as I know some of what the fandom is about. DBZ, Inu Yasha, Naruto, that sort of thing.

Kinks: I have very few limits, so off the bat tell me what your kinks are and maybe we can work them into the RP if you want. As long as its not necrophilia, I'm willing to try anything except that. So far I am interested in doing DBZ and any other anime with Shota. Some of the Shota couples I do are:
Goten X Goku, Gohan X Goku, Piccolo X Gohan, Chibi Goku X Vegeta, Chibi Vegeta X Nappa, Chibi Vegeta X King Vegeta, Chibi Vegeta x Radditz, Chibi Vegeta X Cooler/Frieza/King Cold, Chibi Trunks x Vegeta and many many others. If you can think of a pairing in DBZ, I'll gladly RP it with you.

Exp: Ive been Role playing for over six years now.

Style: I role play third-person novel style otherwise known as paragraph form. I do not accept chat jargon, aka "plz". The person must be fairly good at RPing and have fairly good grammar. I dont want to feel like I'm RPing with the latest rapper, M-C Such and Such and have them post something like, "I be walkin down the street with my b*tches." I am an english major, stuff like that makes me hurt inside.

Post Limit: Max Minimum is 2 lines (not sentences) in a post or one really long run-on sentence. Maximum is whatever you want it to be. But I prefer that you do not post over 30 AIM IM posts, I don't want a novel.

Etc.: Since I mostly roleplay in the Anime genre, there is the matter of seme (top) and uke (bottom). I usually do uke(bottom) but I may try to do seme(top) for certain people. But I'm usually an uke(bottom). So I am in need of someone who can RP Seme(Top) characters.

Setting: AIM, Yahoo or MSN.

Feel free to contact me whenever you want. Just add me to your buddy lists and I will gladly RP with you whenever you want. I am on most of the time (I have no life, lol) so whenever you want to RP, I most likely would want to RP also.

The animes, cartoons and video games that intrest me are: Naruto, Inu Yasha, DBZ, Full Metal Alchemist, Trigun, Hellsing, Gundam Wing, XMen, Marvel and DC Superheros (batman, etc), Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy(Any) and many others.

The couples I am interested in include: Naruto x Kakashi, Iruka x Kakashi, Haku x Zabusa, Inu Yasha x Sesshoumaru, Inu Yasha x Miroku, Inu Yasha x Koga, Inu Yasha x Naraku, Miroku x Naraku, Miroku x Koga, Goku x Gohan , Goku x Goten, Goku x Piccolo, Goku x Vegeta, Gohan x Piccolo, Gohan x Vegeta, Gohan x Goten, Goten x Trunks, Vegeta x Piccolo, Goku x Super/ Kid Buu, Trunks x Jeice. (To make it short, for DBZ, I will pair up anyone with anyone.) Scar x Ed, Scar x Al, Scar x Ed + Al (two boytoys for Scar), Greed x Ed, Greed x Al, Greed x Ed + Al (same here), Roy x Ed, Roy x Hughes, Hughes x Ed + Al and many many others, just name some and I'll think about pairing them up.

AIM: VTarnishedAngelV
Yahoo ID: PaperAlchemistTerri
MSN: TornPaperAlchemist@Hotmail.com
Email: PaperAlchemistTerri@Yahoo.com

Current Mood: bouncy
Saturday, March 12th, 2005
11:44 am
My Info...
Location: CT
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay
Sign: Aries
Favorite Pair(s): Goten/Trunks, Frieza/Vegeta and Gohan/Trunks
Favorite Character: Frieza
Wish List: Scans from Les Fleurs Du Mal (a yaoi doujinshi with Frieza/Zarbon as the pair) since they are VERY hard to find
Favorite DBZ Yaoi/Shota Site: The Hentai Institute definately, even though the creator of the site strikes me as being kinda rude
Current Project(s): None at the moment since my Gohan/Frieza fic is on hiatus
Fav. Anime/Manga besides DBZ: Gravitation
Fav. Non-Anime show: A toss-up between The Golden Girls and Law And Order SVU

Post your info, using this as a template, so that people can get to know each other!
Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
8:02 pm
YAY! Welcome to DBZYS (Dragonball Z Yaoi & Shota)! Step right in, don't be shy... ^.~
7:40 pm
Hi! We're under construction for now but we'll soon be all set! ^.^ Keep checking back!
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